Tennis Feature



When asking Mr. Castillo who will be most successful playing for the girl’s tennis season this year, he replied “Cambell Bueler”.  Cambell Bueler is a Junior, who plays on the number one Varsity team for girls tennis. 

“ I started playing tennis when I was 12 years old, and since then I have been playing for about five years” Bueler stated. 

Coming from a family full of tennis players, gave her the motivation and inspiration to try and join in on the sport her family loves most. Once she gave it a shot, she stuck with it and tennis has been her sport ever since. 

“ I was really shy freshman year, I feel like tennis has brought me out of my shell a bit.””

— Cambell Bueler

Bueler says. 

Cambell is a dedicated member of her team and values the bond she has made with her teammates. It’s her favorite part about playing tennis. Her teammates make the sport fun and enjoyable.   

“ I would say we are all really good friends, I think, and we weren’t before tennis and I think tennis is what brought us closer together as a team,” says Bueler. 

Having the right amount of practice can make a lot of improvement and never giving up on something you want is key to Cambell. Spending most of her time out of school practicing Tennis, Bueler doesn’t back down easily. With only a couple of ankle rolls, she continues to work hard for her team and herself every day.
“I think my best quality is that I don’t give up and I try my hardest” Bueler exclaims. 

After Cambell graduates, her only plan is wanting to play for a college tennis team, but from there on out she doesn’t really know what the future holds for her. She has yet not received any scholarships but has not given up hope for the future.

“She hits the ball hard, is very athletic, and is a very competitive player,” said Castillo.  

By having a positive mindset and many strengths, there is no stopping Cambell from leading her team to a successful season this year.