Perry and Basha as one in hockey: the joint team and how they’re doing


The Perry/Basha joint hockey team, called the Basha Perry Bears, has been on campus for almost nine years and is still struggling to get any recognition or attention from students. With little to no announcements on Twitter or in the morning at school, students are not able to get the knowledge they may want for the team. Hockey is a very nail-biting sport to watch and could get a lot more students in the stands if they only got more acknowledgment. 

The sport, like most others on campus has three teams: D1 which is equivalent to varsity, D3 like JV A, and junior varsity like JV B. They practice on Mondays and Wednesdays lead by head program coach Alex Watson who, unlike most school sports coaches, doesn’t work at Perry or Basha. 

The D1 team started this season strong with a win against O’Connor in late August and ended the regular season with a 3-3 tie against Horizon this past Saturday. They had 24 games total and ended 8-2-14. They play Hamilton in the first round of playoffs on Jan. 25, hoping they can beat the team they lost to twice, and knowing they have the capability after one win against them early on in the season. 

The D3 team had 20 games, ending 11-1-8, with their season closing strong before playoffs with  a 2-1 win over Hamilton. On Jan. 26, the team will take on Desert Vista in first rounds of the playoffs. Both teams have a win against each other in regular season play and the bears are hoping to come out with a win. 

The JV team also had 20 games and had a roller coaster of a season, with ten wins, four ties, and six losses. The team  secured a spot in the semi final and will play the winner of the Mountain Ridge vs. Pinnacle game on Feb. 7 in round two of playoffs.

The D1 team is losing a lot of seniors this year, many who are very talented for their age, but sophomore Minyoung Park is confident the underclassmen can step up. “There’s not very many [sophomores] right now, but next year there will probably be more and we all work pretty well together.”