Pumas Excalibur Tournament


Even though most of the school was in Winter break, the girls soccer team still had to compete. The team competed against three separate teams that are all in California. The team traveled to Corona California to play on the day after Christmas. In the first game, the Pumas won with a score of 2-0. With two goals scored in the second half of the game by Taylor Lovell and Brenna Rodriguez, the Pumas were able to move onto the next round of the tournament.

At the end of regulation the second game had finished in a tie, however that is not the end of the game. The two teams competed in a penalty shootout where the Pumas outscored the Santiago Sharks 4-3, this moved them one game forward in the Excalibur Tournament. In their last game they lost 2-0 to the Los Alamitos Griffins. This would be the end for the team in the tournament. 

Despite losing in this tournament the team came back to Arizona with a positive mindset. Goalkeeper Jazmyn Brass said,”It was a great team bonding trip.”

Principal Dan Serrano said the girls soccer team has a “really strong program” and when asked about the chances for success later in the season, he said,”Is there a chance? Absolutely.”

The start of the second half of the season means that there are several tough games ahead of the Pumas. The tougher games are going to be against Chandler and Hamilton. However with how well the team is doing so far there is nothing that can stand in their way of making it to what coach John Roberts calls “the game”. 

With almost half of their games ending with a total score of five goals or more, the Pumas do not seem to have an issue with scoring. In the two games they lost, they scored only one goal total. If the team can find a way to keep scoring in high numbers, they have a better chance to win games. As a team, the Pumas have let 9 goals in the past twelve games they have played. Since the Pumas let in an average of less than one goal a game their battle against Hamilton seems to be even.

The 24th and 28th of January are the dates scheduled for the games against Hamilton and Chandler.

The last day of January is set for the rivalry game against the other Val Vista school, Basha.

Basha has a record so far in the season of 8-4 which ranks them lower than the Pumas (8-2-2). 

The Pumas are ranked number four in the state of Arizona which is 15 places higher than the Bears placement of 19 in the state. All of the stats make the Bears the underdog for the rivalry game.