Extra effects spice up wrestling event


On January 8th the wrestling team hosted a match against Skyline, except this was no ordinary match. The lights were turned off, players were introduced, and the matches were held on a stage under a spotlight. ‘Hype Squad’ was there and people in the crowd were given glow sticks. 

“The match went well” said head wrestling coach Pavlenko, “the whole stage event was a lot of fun.” Coach Pavlenko also mentioned that the event was good experience for future events, “a lot of our students and wrestlers got to see what a national event looks like, every slam, every movement, everyone got to hear it.”

The added drama was definitely a factor during the match “I think it got our wrestlers excited, they all wrestled well, the big stage gave them more nerves so they can slowly get ready for state because that’s the situation they’re gonna be in,” said coach Pavlenko.

 Although the event seemingly went well, there was an issue with the lighting where light was glaring in the audience’s eyes, eventually they decided to shut the ‘spotlights’ off and only turn on the middle row of lights in the big gym. Coach Pavlenko said they are planning on acquiring a professional spotlight next year. Perry won the event convincingly 54-16, coach Pavlenko said the top performers were Alex Edjourian and Ikaika Maldonado who both pinned their opponents. The team doesn’t have anymore home games this season however they do play at Highland next week Jan. 22.