Girls soccer chip on their shoulder is not holding them back from full potential


Laney Wardell

Midfielder junior Joey Lujan about to pass the ball up field in the game against Mountain Ridge high school.

Starting off the new season of soccer can be difficult especially with some injuries in play. However, even after losing in the state championship twice the girls soccer team looks to crush this season and play harder than ever. With their toughest opponent being Hamilton, the Pumas will have eight weeks to prepare. 

Despite the onslaught of rain that happened in late November the team hopes to make up for the absence of practices by working hard.

The team prepared for their first game against Mountain Ridge, a game which took place on December 3rd.

The team is prepared for the new season with a reloaded roster. Coach Roberts said,“There are a lot of new attitudes and different people working harder.”

In the first game of the season the Pumas scored nine goals total; this forced the match to end 9-0. Mikella Reed scored the most on the team with three goals earning herself a hat trick. All night long the team dominated the field only allowing the opponents to pass the half of the field a few times. The goalie for the Mountain Lions had a rough night with more than 10 shots attempted on her within the first half. The first goal of the game was scored by Brenna Rodriguez on a penalty kick. Joey Lujan, Anni Hall, Brenna Alderson, Aubree Flores, Brenna Rodriguez and Mikella Reed all scored at least one goal during the game. The team found a way to open up the season with attitude and a victory.

Starting junior goalkeeper Jazmyn Brass said, “What makes us better is knowing each other well enough on and off the field so that in a game we play as a unit.” 

The team has an enforced chemistry since they have been playing together. This will help them play better in order to make it to the championship. 

With the new season underway, it is still anticipated that Brenna Alderson, Joey Lujan, Mikella Reed, Kendall McIntyre, and Brenna Rodriguez will play in the games. This week’s game against Mountain ridge was a great place to start on the road back to the championship. 

There is a lot of motivation to get to what Coach Roberts calls “the game”. 

Even though the team has lost twice in the previous state championships, they do not seem to be fazed by it. 

Coach Roberts said,“The expectation is still there.” The team is still focused on working as hard as they can in order to get back to the last match in the playoffs.

Coach Roberts said,“A lot of new faces” will contribute to a refreshed team that is ready to take on the competition.