CROSS COUNTRY: A successful season

With Sectional and state championships in the coming weeks, Cross Country runners are in the final stretch of what Head Coach Jeff Gurecki has said to be a rewarding season. “On the girls side it’s the best season we’ve ever had…The boys have had a great year as well.”

Looking back over the past five years, these definitely hold true, the highest position held by the boys team had done was fifth, and the best the girls had done was ninth. Coach Gurecki’s confidence speaks volumes to how they’ve improved this year. Whether that constitutes winning and taking second at a city championship, this has certainly been and eventful season for both teams.

November seventh is the day of sectionals, and coach Gurecki is confident in both of his teams.”I think that both the boys and the girls teams have a good chance at being section champs”. 

On the girls side it’s the best season we’ve ever had”

— Coach Jeff Gurecki

The team is working smoothly too, despite a few minor nagging injuries early in the season, all runners are healthy and ready to compete at state. “Nobody’s actually been injured as far as a real injury that can keep them out” 

His prediction for state is top 5 for finish boys and top 3 finish for girls. While both teams continue to impress him, he shared his realistic goals and expectations. “We’ve been working hard all season so hopefully that day the boys will all show up.”

Both teams take second at sectionals, putting them ahead in the pack for state and compared to last year, an overall improvement in placing, The chances are looking good for both teams to score high and place well. But Coach Gurecki isn’t dazzled by the gold just yet, “I’d like to make sure that everyone continues when it counts in the next two weeks.”