Girls varsity soccer

The season has been immersed with numerous struggles and difficulties, however, the team continues to overcome these obstacles as they make their way to the state championship.

This group is filled with a lot more younger, yet determined players. This unique quality is served as an advantage and the more youthful team members add a tenacious edge to the team.

This season features multiple experienced players who have provided the group with an undefeated streak.

Losing some seniors in the previous years has had effect on the current team. “Whenever you lose that much experience, there is bound to be a few obstacles,” states coach Roberts. “The great thing is that all of our players have rallied around each other to make everyone better.” “We expected to do well this year, we just were not sure how good we would be based off of how young we were,” states Roberts.

This type of bond and close relationship is what holds the team together. Although they are a lot younger than previous players, they still have what it takes to overcome obstacles and remain the number one ranked team in Arizona.

“I don’t think this affects our performance,” sophomore goalkeeper Jazmyn Brass states. “If anything, the younger experience pushes the older girls just as much because they are eager to play.”

“We have six seniors now that have really stepped up and became leaders which is a big part of our success this season,” Brass states.

Since the changes in leadership, all of the players have been coming together to pick up the slack and push each other to work harder.

This season holds some new achievements as well. As of press time, the Pumas had a firm hold on the No. 2 spot in the 6A conference, nearly four Power Points behind top-ranked Chaparral. Earlier this season PHS was ranked No. 1 in the nation by MaxPreps.

“We are always looking to improve ourselves individually and as a team,” Brass states. “We have been looking to improve our communication and movement up top because it will be a huge part of our game if we want to win state this year.”

This season has shown the team that no matter how many key players disappear or how young you are, there is always a way to build up what was lost.

“We have been practicing really hard this week and they are not only playing for themselves, they are also playing for their team and school. They came in as teammates and they are leaving as a family!” Roberts states.