State final 2018-2019 results

Fans waited anxiously at the gates of the ASU sun devils stadium on December 1st to witness the rematch championship game between rival football teams, the Chandler wolves and the Perry pumas. The stadium grew crowded in mere minutes, filled with anxious students, parents, and faculty members, gathered to see who would win the 2018-2019 final. When the final buzzer rang, the crown ended up being placed on the wolves’ head with a score of 65 to 28.

Chandler, being a team with four previous state titles, had two standout players: senior quarterback Jacob Conover and senior running back Decarlos Brooks. The two of them combined made Chandler a hard opponent to beat, and rendered them virtually unstoppable. Brooks alone scored 6 out of the 8 touchdowns.

On the Perry side of the equation, four touchdowns were scored. The first one was scored by senior running back Jalen Young in the second quarter, senior running back Jaden Burns and senior wide receiver Colby Dickie in the third quarter, and junior quarterback Chubba Purdy in the final quarter.

The tension seemed to rise on the field with each passing second causing the violence to increase severely. In the first quarter, senior middle linebacker Braxton Smith gained a broken collar bone after a hard tackle that took him down to the ground.

Perry’s over all ranking for the year was number 3 and Chandler’s closely rivaled it at number 1. The pumas overall season record was 11-3 and the wolves was 13-1.

After two consecutive years of going against each other in the final, one can wonder if next year the pattern will continue.