Golf swings for real shot at state title


Annie Brown

Ryan Macpherson (12) hits the ball at a match. He is currently ranked #2 in the school for golf.

In recent years, the men’s golf team at Perry has become more and more successful with each season that comes and goes. This year however, is different for the team, they are senior heavy and have players with previous experience on the team. There are many returning golfers that are contributing to the team’s success as a whole.

With the talent and skill of the returning players, the team is having great success in the new season.

Head coach Mark Nold said, “Our top players right now are seniors Caden Christopherson and Ryan Macpherson, our #1 and #2. Caden will be playing golf at Texas Christian University next year. And both have won medalist honors this year.”

Christopherson and Macpherson, who have been on the team since their freshman season back in 2015, will both be graduating this year, along with senior Connor Brown, who has shown to be a key golfer for the Pumas this season.

With Christopherson committing to play at TCU next year, he has stepped up his play this season and continues to be a leader on the team, along with Macpherson, who still has not committed to play at any colleges for the 2019-2020 season.

The team has high hopes for winning a state title and will have the opportunity in October to compete for both team and individual state championships.

Senior Caden Christopherson, a four-peat varsity golfer said, “This season we have a chance to win state for sure, Brophy is the best team to beat, I think it’ll be between [Perry] and Brophy.”

Brophy holds the 2017 state title, and they pose the biggest threat to Perry for the season. Perry is working to beat them in upcoming matches and tournaments to ensure a bid to state this season.

The team has a match record of 7-0* this season, with a few key matches and tournaments coming up before the state matches will take place in October.

Senior Ryan Macpherson said, “We’re number one in the state right now, we haven’t lost a match yet.” The team is riding off the success of each individual golfer to have scores add up in order to receive honors medals and to beat the other teams in the match.

The boys contribute a much of their success to the chemistry of the team, seeing as most of the players have been on the same team and playing together for three or four years now.

Senior Connor Brown said, “we’re doing well this year, we have the same team coming back as last year and we’ve all been practicing a lot this past year,” he continued, “we just have good team chemistry this season.”

Each player has worked on perfecting both their mental and physical game since last season and have shown drastic improvements both individually and as a whole team.

Christopherson said, “everyone has put in a lot of practice, so that helps a lot.”

Golf is not only an individual sport, each player’s score is combined to make the team score, which determines the winner of the match. The players were working in the off season to improve their play, and that showed successful for most of the players, especially senior Connor Brown, who has won multiple honors medals in some key matches this season.

The golf program hopes that by the end of the season, they will be the second team in Perry’s history to hold a state title.