Volleyball has rough start, plans to finish strong

The boys had a rough start but fight back to make the playoffs

After a rough start to their 2018 season, the Puma Men’s volleyball team is now in full swing and ready to grab a state title. The team has been working their way to the top and playing every game as if it will determine their state win or not.

In their past tournament, the Brophy Invitational, the Pumas went 1-9, losing to their biggest challenger, Chandler High school twice.

The team has been working on strengthening their weaknesses and working out any remaining problems they were facing as a team on the court.

Senior outside hitter, Collin Hoag said, “We’ve strengthened our emotional centers, we’ve become much more tenacious, and our energy has improved immensely.”

The team has their sights set on a state title, as 10 of their seniors will be graduating and moving on to college after this season.

Most of the boys have been playing together since their freshman year and have formed a strong team bond, adding in underclassmen and new talent every year. All of the players take the game seriously and play every match with equal intensity.

Senior right side hitter, Dallin Hawkins said, “We are taking every game as if it were a big game, whether it is a good or bad team, playing hard, working hard in the weight room, and just getting better at practice.”

With their season coming to a quick end, the team is feeling the pressures of their coaches, parents, and fellow students alike, to bring home a long awaited trophy. The team is focusing on improving one thing at a time in each of their games.

Senior outside hitter, Dallin Winward said, “There’s a lot of specific things we are doing in games,” Winward continued, “We’re setting goals before each game and working hard to complete those goals during games.”

The team faces many challenges in each match and during each rally. The main focus of the boys is to play as well as they can and to the best of their abilities.

Sophomore setter, Daxton Tolman explained, “we’ve been playing really well, we have a couple of losses but the team morale is still there, so we’re just getting ready for playoffs now, just trying to get there.”

The team attributes much of their success to their attitude on the court and the way they handle each point and rally. Keeping their attitudes up and positive is really helpful in the mental aspect of the game.