Spring sports, nationals over, pom catches a break


Tenneal Howard

Pom lines up for a quick photo before taking the floor

Perry Pom took the floor on Mar. 31 at the USA dance nationals, in Anaheim, Calif. The team took runner up in the large pom category among eight teams that competed from throughout the country. This year’s competition was a milestone for the program as it was the highest placing the team has ever taken at the national event. Assistant Coach Alesandra Barth saw how the seniors pushed the group to work harder for a place on the podium and has already started to look on ways the team can take first place next year.

“The hope for the future is to take first place next year with adding more creativity to the routine and training better,” Barth said.

As this was the last nationals competition for some of the dancers, this was also the first of many for the underclassmen. Sophomore pommie Chloe Davis experienced this competition for the first time this year, and plans to try out every year to be back to the floor again.

“I was really nervous going onto the floor,” Davis said, “and we just left it all on the floor and did our best.”

Dancing with veteran dancers on an elite team has matured Davis personally in her life and has inspired her to be an example and improving her own techniques: “Being on a team has taught me I have to use my time more and think of my team and not just my own personal needs.”

At her young age, Davis watches her peers that have been on the team since their freshman year and “takes what their doing and applies it to [her]self.”

For Davis and many other recruits, attending this national competition marked the beginning of a new road during their high school experience.

Unfortunately, this also reminded senior pom dancers on the bittersweet end to their journey. Senior Natalie Stevens started the team younger than Davis and entered the school’s gates as a pommie her freshman year and is excited yet sad to leave.

“I’ve been doing it all four years and it’s been such a great experience to help me grow and help me be a part of this school in the most fun way possible,” Stevens said.

Coming to the end of the road with the team, Stevens has reflected on the years dancing and appreciates everything the program has done for her.

“You don’t realize when cheering your last game will be,” Stevens said,” but it’s definitely something to enjoy and not take for granted.”