Breinholt brothers bring family to the court

Working with a sibling on anything can prove to be quite the challenge, but having to compete alongside them can be even more difficult. For the Breinholts this is a new experience, senior Bryson and his younger brother Adam are first set of brother teammates on the varsity mens’ volleyball team.

Junior Adam said, “we’ve been playing beach [volleyball] together for the past two years.” His brother added that it has “Improved his [Adam’s] everything.” Adam contributed his making the varsity team to beach volleyball and playing that for the last two years. He has some large shoes to fill because his brother Bryson has been on varsity for the past three seasons.

Adam said, “Everyone expects me to step up my game now that I’m on varsity,” he continued, “everyone wants me to begin to live up to the name when he graduates this year.”

Bryson said he was “really happy when he found out Adam made varsity,” he continued, “It’s really fun, and I love playing with him.” Bryson will be graduating this year and will be leaving behind quite the legacy.

The brothers are naturally competitive with one another, but do remain professional on the court during games and practices.

Bryson said, “we don’t talk as much during practice, because we are both trying to compete.” He continued saying, “we talk a lot more when we get home, there’s definitely a difference.” The set of brothers will be contributing a lot of talent to the team this year, and will hopefully help the boys snag a state trophy.

TEAM UPDATE: The team is taking the upcoming season very seriously, and have recently scrimmaged some very well structured teams with a lot of talent. Bryson stated, “we’ve just been working out the kinks and getting used to playing with each other and getting better every day.”

Over the last weekend the Pumas faced teams from Hamilton, Gilbert, Red Mtn., Chandler, Desert Ridge, Higley and Desert Vista. The boys ultimately ended the tournament 3-4. On Mar. 1, they beat Queen Creek in three sets. The Pumas are heading to the Cougar Invitational this weekend at Kellis High in Glendale.