Point-By-Point: Jackie Gilbert nails clinching goal to send Pumas to state


Morgan Chung

Jackie Gilbert (24) is running to get the ball from the Pioneers player.

After 80 minutes of regulation and 20 minutes of overtime, the 6A state semifinal match between Perry and Pinnacle was decided in a shootout of penalty kicks. Senior Jackie Gilbert scored the game-winning penalty kick. Pioneers (15-3-2) on Tuesday. This kick propelled the Pumas (22-2) to their second state championship in five years. Gilbert’s goal was the biggest goal of season,  biggest of her career and maybe in the school history let’s break it down;

* Jackie Gilbert walks up the ball like she has done multiple times before. She adjusts the ball like she does every time she is taking her time.

* Gilbert takes three large steps back then takes two steps to the left, then she tapped her left foot, then right, back to left like they have done in practices thousands of time during.

* Goalkeeper Rachel Black was doing jumping jacks to get warmed-up, and trying to distract Gilbert, But Gilbert goes through the same process every time.

* Gilbert runs up to the ball, she jabs left and kicks the ball right — it isn’t blasted, but resembles more of a pass than a shot on goal.

* The ball spins low on the turf towards the corner of the net, and Black lunges to her left. She seems to have a beat on the shot and clearly gets her outstretched left paw on it.

* For a moment, it looked like Black had made the save. Then the ball came off of her glove and hit the turf, then spun into the net.

* Gilbert turned around and saw her team running at her, she pumped her fist and was thinking: “Yes we are going to state, its something we have dreamed of all season.”

* Head coach John Roberts said of Gilbert’s style: “The way Jackie hits her ball she has a spin…if [Black] did get a hand on it, the way that the ball was moving, it just created a spin and pushed it into the goal.