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David and Goliath: Pumas in the role of underdog

Pumas against Wolves on Dec. 2

Photo by Morgan Chung

Pumas against Wolves on Dec. 2


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The story of David and Goliath has been used to describe monumental events for many years. The story tells of a man, named David, who was told to fight a giant named Goliath. Goliath was undefeated. In the end, David miraculously beat Goliath.

The upcoming state football game, Perry against Chandler (CHS), wears the David and Goliath story like war paint. Perry is David; Chandler is Goliath. But is Perry actually the underdog?

Perry Varsity has never beaten Chandler, and many people have already crowned CHS since they beat Perry earlier this season; therefore making it so that David and Goliath will have a feature showing at this upcoming game.

Critics in the outside media are already telling Perry that the game is already over and that Perry will not make it out triumphant. How many false hopes are the critics sitting on? A lot. Although Perry may seem like the  underdog, critics should not be getting their hopes up when thinking that Chandler will be the winner after Dec. 2.

Senior Varsity quarterback Brock Purdy refuses to let the critics get to him, or his team. “After that Chandler game, I think that we have gotten a lot better and that we are ready, for sure, this time,” he said, determined.

Perry has performed in a phenomenal way this year, both in Junior Varsity and Varsity. The fight for state will not be a stroll in the park for Perry, as many critics are saying about Chandler, however, it will be a battle worth viewing.

In the football movie Friday Night Lights, which is based off a true story, Permian High School went up against Dallas Carter High School in a battle for state championship, much like our own Pumas will be doing soon against Chandler. Dallas is Chandler, and Permian is Perry. However, in the movie, Permian lost narrowly against Dallas, making the battle that David fought against Goliath, a loss.

But what of Perry and Chandler? Will the Permian’s outcome reflect the upcoming game? Or will the Pumas take arms with David and rise up over Permian’s legacy and win the fight against Chandler the Goliath?

No matter what the outcome, however, so long as Perry remains the strong team, mentally and physically, that it is, the team will still remain the strong David it always has been.

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David and Goliath: Pumas in the role of underdog