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Cheer chants louder than ever: season outlook suggests a state win


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Speaking as one who is barely able to do a toe-touch for more than five seconds, cheerleading is an incredibly demanding sport, physically and mentally. Cheer not only incorporates dance but it also takes on slants of rigorous gymnastics. Seamless performances composed of intense power and mind-bending flexibility are perfected over the year to win awards. The school season for varsity cheer looks promising and holds many opportunities for the cheerleaders.

In order to win titles, Puma cheerleading takes on new sets of challenges every year. Every part of the team labors over details of different routines for hours. Extensive practices and disciplined drills are what make the school and the squad so favored. Higher level choreography and gravity-defying stunts are integrated into the higher levels. Pressure to win the state trophy is on, and the varsity cheer squad looks its most promising for a win this season.

Gabrielle Worrell, junior student and varsity cheerleader, is well versed in how intense routines can be. Formerly in gymnastics, Worrell interests lead to cheer in the seventh grade. Firstly on the freshman team, experience landed her a spot to varsity cheerleading as she entered sophomore year.  

Throughout her fast-paced cheer career, Worrell has adapted to many teams. All of which were heavily affected by spirit and attitude.

“It’s just one of those sports where it’s not even physical anymore, it’s mental.”

Winning competitions this season means that the mood of the athletes is imperative. Cheer is a rare sport that relies greatly on mentality, more so than many other athletics.. The mentality of a cheerleader is frantic: remembering chants, recalling routine steps, safely performing stunts and tying one’s best to look professional on top. Realistically, attitude is everything and affects the outcome of its athletes.

“It [performances] reflects off of the school, your coach, your team and, so, the coaches try to makes us look the best we can,” Worrell said.

Fellow junior and first-time varsity cheerleader Corrin Schneider quickly learned about setting a good mindset. Schneider’s outlook for the season stems from optimism and sees many wins this year.

“As long as we have a positive attitude, even if we’re having a hard practice, if your attitude is going to change everything,” Schneider said.

“I think this season is going to be our best season,” states Schneider. “All of our coaches are really driven and all the girls are really driven”

At the head of the cheer family, coaches ultimately inspire and push the squad to progress forward. Head Cheer Coach Desiree Stinnett, being a former cheerleader herself, has personal understandings of the eagerness to succeed. Being close to winning second last year, Stinnett sees the drive to win in her cheerleaders.

“Skill wise they’re more advanced than they’ve ever been,” Stinnett states. “They have a good shot as they can keep composed in everything and practice hard.”

Foreseeing the season, Stinnett predicts the squad will advance farther than it ever has this season. The campus is prone to dominating the floor, but this season anticipates milestone accomplishments by the varsity cheerleading team.

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Cheer chants louder than ever: season outlook suggests a state win