Is the whirlwind of Homecoming distracting as one might think?


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Homecoming, the event that gets the student body pumped early on in the year, is here once again. Star quarterback, sophomore D’shayne James, poses homecoming as not as distracting as one might think. “I don’t think it’s quite a distraction, but I think it like makes everyone hyped and ready to go for the game.”

Two years of playing for such an energy-filled game, James was able to provide insight on the game’s atmosphere and how it differs. “It’s a much bigger game than normal games, but at the same time it’s not really a big distraction.” Homecoming, to the players, is almost like the feel of playoff games. There’s more people, more fans screaming, shouting for their favorite team to win, and energy just flows throughout the entire team because of it.

When asking varsity Coach Preston Jones about the matter he tended to agree. “…I think the kids stay focused in on the game and are willing to separate the football and the fun.”

He feels that the whole week is just like any other. Their practice routine doesn’t differ in any way. Same practice and same focus level for his team.

The boys try to keep it in perspective. “A win or loss at homecoming doesn’t mean any difference in a win or loss for any other game,” Coach said.

3 years of forthcoming and 7 years of homecoming have created such an exciting atmosphere for the students here. It’s a favorite for beginning the new school year.

And any last words? “Can’t wait till Friday night.”

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