Point/Counterpoint: Homecoming theme causes uproar

August Bowers and Aja Diffin

Seven-year-old’s birthday party or high school dance?

With homecoming just around the corner, Student Government (StuGo) is at it again. Last year’s theme, “Masked,” was a hit with the majority of the students attending the homecoming dance. However, it seems that this year’s theme, “Stars Collide,” has stirred controversy within the student body. “Stars Collide” has been tied with the hit movie series Star Wars and while there are Star Wars fans among the students at PHS, is it a plausible theme for a high school dance?

Even though there is a new StuGo adviser, that did not stop the same process that they undergo every year in order to choose themes for any dance. Lerina Johnson, P.E. and badminton coach, became Perry’s new StuGo adviser for the 2015-2016 school year.

When choosing the theme, “Stars Collide,” was the top contender for homecoming. “From the big list [of themes], it wasn’t like it was the biggest; as we narrowed it down and got to 4 or 5 themes, it kept getting the most votes and the most votes.”

While others may argue that it is just a “theme” and it doesn’t affect the memories, it could also be argued that the theme is a tad bit childish and is something that will always be remembered; especially seniors who will be attending their last homecoming dance.

Johnson expresses, “Trust us, it’s going to be a really good time; some people hate it and some people love it.” There is no doubt that StuGo will try their hardest to put on a great dance; let’s hope the theme doesn’t trump that greatness.


It’s about the memories; not the theme

When the homecoming theme was finally announced, there was an uproar. Some were shouting out praises while others were yelling objections. Classes split, colliding with each other over such a minor issue. Even Student Government (StuGo), the class that continuously voted on and narrowed down a list of over 40 themes until arriving at the decision of “Star Wars” and “Stars Collide,” underwent a major debate over the feasibility of the theme.

However, StuGo’s decision-making process is not simply a vote on the official theme phrase that will encompass the entire week of homecoming activities. The class of 33 students takes into consideration all sorts of factors affected by the theme such as spirit days, the assembly, and the Homecoming Carnival.

The portion of the student body that disapproves of the science-fiction-based theme may see it as too outlandish or believe it will cause people to dress according to the theme in a way that is not exactly normal for a homecoming dance.

However, the truth of the matter is that “Star Wars” is simply the theme of the spirit days and associated events while the theme of the dance is “Stars Collide.”

“I think people are getting upset [because] they want to dress nice to the dance and not dress in costume;” Johnson says, “[but] that shouldn’t be the case because it’s still semi-formal dress.”

In reality, the homecoming dance is about making lasting memories. Whether you are planning on going with a date, friends, or (Han) soloing it, the theme should not be the most influential aspect of the night.

“They’re going to make memories that will still last forever,” Johnson comments, “regardless of the theme.”