EVIT aligns breaks with CUSD


Graphic by: Julia Carvalho

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, the East Valley Institute of Technology will align its breaks with Chandler Unified School District. While this year’s differing breaks give EVIT students more time to study, they also make it difficult for students to make plans and relax.

Recently EVIT, or the East Valley Institute of Technology, made the formal decision to align their breaks with Chandler Unified School District beginning with the 2023-2024 school year. Up until now, differing schedules have always made it challenging for students to fully rest and recharge before jumping back into the next semester.

Since its founding in 1991, EVIT has been providing upperclassmen with the opportunity to receive training in a career area of their choosing before entering college or a professional work environment. According to the school’s website, “Most programs prepare students for state or national licensing or certifications, internship opportunities and over 300 dual enrollment college credits.”

While a unique and valuable resource, the school’s schedule has been a large drawback for some program participants. With EVIT’s winter break beginning on Dec. 19 and ending on Jan. 3, students are back to school nearly a week before their classmates. 

With the recent decision to change the schedule next year, some students are already thinking about the benefits of having a full two weeks off. Junior Jason Richey explained, “This year I did have to miss a little bit of school because of the breaks being so weird.” He continued, “Having more breaks that are matched up now gives me a little more time to plan stuff with my family.”

However, EVIT student’s unique situation does come with some benefits. Junior Juliet Redendo shared, “One benefit of the EVIT break is that I am able to go home after all of my finals and have time to study for my next final. So, on the twentieth I get to go home and study before I have to do my other final the next day.” 

Redendo attends classes on campus from first period through third period, takes a Chandler Online Academy course, and then studies at EVIT during fifth and sixth hour. With her fifth and sixth hour classes finishing the semester early, Redendo will have the advantage of additional time to prepare for her on campus finals that other students may not have.

On the other hand, Redendo stated, “One drawback is I do have to come back to EVIT on Jan. 2, so it’s a short Christmas break, but it’s okay because I get to come back and keep learning what I love.” Although EVIT students are returning to school early, for some, they are looking forward to returning to their personalized schedules tailored to their interests.

While EVIT students’ somewhat shortened break may affect their plans for this year, they also reap the benefits of extra time during a busy week of on-campus finals. Beginning next school year, those attending EVIT will leave for break and return back to school on the same days as their peers.