Choosing Perry

Perry is a big school that is home to a lot of diverse and unique students, from athletics to theatre to CTE to sculpture. The out of boundary exception allows students zoned for a certain school to choose which school they would want to go to. Many students use this exception, because they are drawn to the variety that Perry offers. Around 700-800 students are enrolled using the boundary exception. 

Students come to Perry because of the unique programs that Perry offers. “Although most of my friends went to Basha, the fashion design program was the main motivator for me to go to Perry because other schools did not offer it,” said junior Adison Derbas. Junior Casey Hunt said, “I’ve heard so many great things about Perry, such as sports and academics and so many clubs that they have here.” 

And some students came for the athletic programs. Senior Kyle Waters shared, “I came to Perry for basketball in hopes of getting a ring. And I got a ring.” Junior Amy Whalin said, “Perry has a high level volleyball program which made me interested in choosing this school.” 

Some students came to Perry because their siblings had come to Perry. Junior Saydie Thomas said, “All my siblings came here for at least a year and liked it. I felt like it had a better environment than Hamilton and Basha, which is where I was zoned for.” Hunt also shared, “My two older sisters went to Perry, so that was a key factor.”

Students outside of boundaries who hope to attend Perry go through a process where they go to the district office and fill out where they live and provide proof of residency. The student must also share information concerning class credits/grades, behavior, and attendance. The forms then go to the district, and the superintendent makes a decision on whether or not the student will be approved. After the student is approved, the family and school are notified, and they start building the students class schedule. 

Perry very rarely turns students away if they choose to come from outside of the boundaries. “I would say if you were to look at our numbers, you’re probably between 700-800 students on campus who have boundary exceptions. I would say that’s the number we receive, because we very rarely say no to somebody who wants to go to Perry,” said Vice Principal Kevin Ames. 

Some issues arise with credits/grades, but the school works with students to help them get to a point where they can come to campus. Other issues arise, such as students in special education, specifically with the self-contained classes; there are only so many people allowed within a room, and if those classes meet that capacity, then the school has to prioritize the students within boundaries. 

Choosing to come to Perry has helped many students for friendships and relationships. Junior Taylor Vanberkel shared, “Most of my friends from Payne were zoned for Perry but I was zoned for Basha, so I wanted to be able to go to school with my friends from junior high.” Hunt said, “I’ve been so happy here among new friends and having a fresh start. I’ve participated in so many things I would have never done, and I’m glad I chose Perry.”