Highlighting the sound behind football games


Lucy Salanga

Lucy Salanga drums during a rehearsal for a football game. Practicing is a very crucial part of band consisting of at least two practices a day.

High school football games are a highlight of student life. Both the players and coaches contribute to the fun night. However, football games are more than just about football; band plays a big role in making Friday nights special for everyone. These devout students wake up early to attend the zero hour practices, and then continue their day of band by attending another practice after school.

“I always see the band sunrise and sunset,” said junior Ty Cardon. However, this hard work pays off. These kids enter many competitions and win many of them. Sophomore Lucy Salanga studies this sport. She prepares for every competition vigorously and memorizes the game schedule. “I just care a lot,” said Salanga.

Band has won many awards that in the eyes of many band members losing seems foreign. Senior Justin Chacon has been in band his whole high school career and getting third in this past competition was disappointing. “We just all have to work on a team, which we usually do, but we failed this last time.”

any students look forward to listening to the percussion or the woodwinds at football games, and these band students are loved and adored by parents and their kids. “Honestly, going to football games wouldn’t be the same without them [band],” Said Cardon.

Finals are Nov. 14th and the band is ready. They are practicing a lot in order to try and win at the finals. Band consists of different sections: percussion, woodwind, brass, and guard. Different students have different policies and practice uniquely to their specialty. “We are in different areas of the band but we all come together to make something amazing,” Chacon stated.

There are three different groups of bands: symphonic, concert, and marching. Just like the instruments, they have different components. Marching band practices every morning while symphonic and concert practice during actual school hours. 

Salanga and her fellow band members are really close; sophomore Dax Gardner plays percussion with Salanga and “we care for each other because we both share a love for this sport and it is a big part of our lives, so doing it together for a long time we have made a good friendship.” 

Guard is the visual aspect of a band. They use flags, sabers, and rifles to show their talents and keep the crowd entertained visually. Dance experience is crucial for guard because handling the flag takes extreme care and coordination.