Diversity is strengthened through Latin Culture Club


Presley Plant

Nico Campbell showing is appreciation of his culture. Being the president of the Latin Culture Club Campbell supports all of those of Latin decent and makes them feel comfortable at school.

Recognition goes a long way for the new Latin Culture Club, whose goal is “making people of that descent feel safe,” said senior and club member Justin Chacon. For the 14 years that this school has been open, the Latino community has sat on the sidelines waiting for their turn to highlight their cultural differences. Being Latin Culture Month, advisors and English teachers Madison Long-Blanchard and Lylah Medina-Rios have had the chance to create a community that is understanding of Latino culture and customs.

To help formalize the club, they just held elections and picked students that could be an example to others. The club officers really have to take control due the busy schedule the advisors have. Long-Blanchard’s and Medina-Rios’s goal is to allow their students to feel proud and comfortable enough with each other to establish a well connected Latino community at Perry.

President of the club, senior Nico Campbell, has sought out students who are more reserved and discontent with themselves, because “For a while [he] didn’t feel comfortable about who [he] was and [he] wants to put a lot into making [Latinos] confident with who they are,” said Campbell.

Campbell claims that “there isn’t prejudice here at Perry, but there isn’t enough recognition” of the Latino community.

Long-Blanchard has taken it upon herself “to create a safe environment for students,” said Long-Blanchard. The club is open to everyone; however, it centers around safety and creates a “family environment,” said Chacon.

Chacon began to discuss how in Hispanic countries they center family and everything surrounds the remembrance and express of love. “I do believe that we carry out family values into this club,” said Chacon.

To highlight the cultural differences within the school environment, Campbell wants to illuminate Mexican Independence Day in the club and have his members participate in many activities surrounding Mexican culture this week. 

Latin Culture Month started on Wednesday 9/15 and ends Friday 10/15, with this occurring while the Latin Culture Club is starting up. It is a good opportunity to advertise the qualities of the Hispanic community.

The Latin Culture Club is small but hopes to be effective; the advisors constantly work with the students to come up with ideas to make Hispanic students feel safe and accepted at school. With the many Latino students Perry has, “It is important that everyone feels loved,” said Campbell.