STUGO finalized top eight candidates


Clara Harris

Juniors Abby Carraro, Brooke Lassen, and Elizabeth Perkins receiving their letters on Mar. 14 informing them, they have been voted in to hold a student body office next school year.

STUGO held their elections for student body offices on Mar. 8-12, now that students have returned to campus the winners have been announced. The new student body officers include President Jr. Nathan Lam, Vice President Jr. Taryn Bashford, Secretary Soph. Clara Harris, Treasurer Jr. Sammy Cristerna, Spirt Coordinator Jr. Abby Carraro, Publicity manager Soph. Selena Pho, Historian Jr. Brooke Lassen, and Parliamentarian Jr. Elizabeth Perkins. 

Students running for these positions did a multitude of preparations to be a part of the student body council. Students had to campaign, make speeches and then participate in interviews for the positions they would like to hold. Junior Brooke Lassen was voted in as one of the top eight students who will hold a spot in office, and she talked about what she did to prepare for the election. “[I] mentally prepared a lot, I spent a whole day making posters, I wrote a speech….Just was ready to work hard for what I wanted so badly” said Lassen.

Students elected their top eight choices to be a part of the student body council and once those eight students are chosen they go through an interview with the STUGO executive board, which includes STUGO sponsor Lerina Johnson, Assistant Principal Kevin Ames, and the current president and vice president. The board then decides on the position each student will have in the council next year. 

Next year STUGO is going to have a large focus on trying do different school events,

 after not being able to hold any this year because of COVID. “We want to have as many events and as big as possible….we want to get kids involved again,” Johnson said. Lassen hopes next year student activities will, “hopefully get back to normal or find ways to have a new normal and new events to have that still include the student body,” said Lassen. 

One of the newly elected members to hold an office junior Elizabeth Perkins has a new idea that she hopes to accomplish as well as doing many different events. Perkins has come up with the idea to create a sports council that is dedicated to having all sports feel more included. 

“I want students of STUGO to go to one of every sports game because I feel like only football and basketball get recognized, so I want everyone to feel included” said Perkins.

Even though STUGO members are changing there are still many events to come this year that STUGO is working on, including senior spirit week, prom king and queen, and hopefully an in person event for seniors. Lastly, STUGO still has their class offices to fill, which campaigning for those positions will start in two weeks.