Freshman makes debut in Hallmark movie


JT Church on the set of Christmas Waltz. He is getting ready to shoot the next scene.

Freshman JT Church is a new addition on Perry Moveo and has done well in many large competitions from a young age. This Christmas season, he has a part in the movie Christmas Waltz. This Hallmark movie first aired on November 28th and has rebroadcasts on the Hallmark Channel.

When speaking about his part in the Christmas Waltz, Church mentions, “My role is, I’m the son of a world champion dance teacher.” He plays Nicky, a young dancer who teaches at Roman’s dance school. The character plays a supporting role to the main character, assisting her in learning some dance moves. The main character, Avery, was dumped soon before her wedding and could not cancel her dance lessons. She decides to still attend the lessons and finds much enjoyment in dancing and grows close to the teacher, Roman. 

Filming movies is usually seen as a long and often difficult process, but Church says, “I have no bad things to say about it, it was such an amazing experience and everyone was so positive.” Later talking about balancing other parts of life with filming, Church said, “I feel like I’m pretty good about balancing everything. I’m always working on my time management and making time for school.”

Currently, Church is on Moveo, a team that requires auditioning to get into. Speaking about the team he said, “We get to train and dance and experiment in choreography… it’s like one big team, so I have a lot of fun on it.” When  asked about his largest accomplishments, Church answered, “Being the winner of Dancing With The Stars: Juniors as a pro and coming in runner up on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation at only age 10.” These are both popular televised competitions that have many viewers. Church appeared on these shows and other public competitions at a young age. Appearing on these and other televised events brought him to the spotlight, this can be seen on his social media pages.

When talking about the future and what he wants to accomplish he said, “I’m not an actor before I am a dancer, so it was cool to do something else besides dance and do acting because I want to do acting in the future more. It’s a great stepping stone to have on my resume.” Church said. It does not seem like he will leave dance any time soon though, on the subject of dance he said, “It’s kind of like my outlet that I can go to whenever I’m feeling down, or I can go to it when I want to express my emotions.” 

He added on to his future plans by saying, “I’m not sure what I see my future looking like, I kind of want to do whatever I can do, and depends on what opportunities I have when I’m older, but I would be down for doing anything.”