How to survive an online class


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With schools closing and school having to move online, students had to adjust to online learning but it was not easy.  Especially, for the students who never took an online class before. Many students thought online class was going to be a breeze and super easy but turns out it seems students are doing more work than they usually do in school. 

A large number of students are pretty much done with online school right now but there are only a couple weeks left in the school year. So here are some tips to help students get through. 

Be diligent

Know when work is due. Teachers usually put all assignments out in the beginning of the week and have it due towards the end of the week. Sometimes it is easy to forget that work is due because of how much time there is to complete it.

Spread your work out over time 

There are some students who like to get work done all at once so they do not have to do it later. It is okay to spread your work out over the course of the week so you do not feel pressure of getting it all done at once. 

Create a schedule 

This can be very helpful so that homework is not being done all at a time or feeling overwhelmed from it. Map out what days are good to work on each class or do any assignments.

“Give yourself a schedule because it makes it easier to keep yourself interested and grounded,” senior Sophia Smith said.

You should not feel as if you are swamped in so much work. So take the time to make a plan and make it easier on yourself. 

Do not procrastinate

Do not put off doing work and definitely do not wait till the last minute because you are going to scramble to get it done and it becomes very stressful and tiring. 

The more one procrastinates the more work that will need to be completed and the less motivated you are to do it. 

“Stay focused and concentrate on the goal,” senior Josh Hendrickson said. 

Do not be afraid to ask questions 

Do not be afraid to ask the teacher for help. During this time contact is limited and is over technology. Email the teacher if you are struggling. Teachers are there to help their students because they know during this time students may have more questions than ever on a subject. 

“AP Macroeconomics is harder to learn online because nothing in that class makes any sense,” senior Chris Cheang said. 

There may be some classes that are harder to understand online rather than having in person interaction with your teacher. 

Just remember that there is a lot going on right now and students are still struggling to adjust to online school. It is understandable for those of you who may not care or just need a little motivation to do the work. No one can force students to do anything they do not want to do. Just think, getting it done, school will be over before you know it.