New parks target active lifestyles


River Bradshaw

Logan Themins climbing rope structure. Later training for potential competitive obstacle courses.

Gilbert and Chandler’s government has introduced new equipment to the neighborhood parks over the past few years. When Meadowbrook Park came out with the new ninja course back in September 2018, the development of these parks continued to grow Including Desert Sky and Gilbert Regional Park.

“The new [Meadowbrook] park includes open turf areas, irrigation, lighted sand volleyball and basketball courts, and obstacle/fitness equipment with shade structures (inspired by the television show American Ninja Warrior),” stated by the Chandler government.

The government has dedicated time to create better exercising environments for both children and adults. Reviews all have the same idea for the new addition to Meadowbrook Park; considering the fact that the obstacle course is the most attracted component. Although, there have been some people that jump to the conclusion that the park is only meant for people who have a specific body type, thin and tall. 

For senior Logan Themins the park is perfect for a nice workout, as the park helped him accomplish many goals such as, participate in tennis, gymnastics, and successfully withhold the school’s push up record of 32. “I always climb on the ropes to get a good workout.”

For short people the equipment is too tall. The Meadowbrook Park helps intense trainers to work out for their next competition either if it is CrossFit or even a potential television obstacle course.

Desert Sky Park has recently also built an obstacle course as well, but kids who come to have a fun Sunday afternoon tend to consider the equipment too big for their small frame. As children climb on one or two obstacles, the taller people can accomplish the course in a breeze.

“I always wanted to be on the ninja course and wipe out and the park is a good way to train” Themins states

The Gilbert Parks and Recreational government has tried to build playgrounds and accessible equipment for all body types. Therefore, in attempt of that, the Meadowbrook and Desert Sky Park add attractions to the land.

The Gilbert Regional Park is continuing to grow. Their new expansions include an extended field, splash pad, playground equipment, and well-designed lounge areas. Citizens have paid high tax dollars to improve the society’s parks and most of them reply positively to the new improvements. This park was recorded to be the biggest park in Gilbert Arizona; the government is going to increase the size later this year. 

“When fully built, Gilbert Regional Park is the largest park up to date with 272 acres of family fun and entertainment,” the committee stated.

There is a 4.6 rating on the Gilbert Regional Park, where people continue to say that the park could be a little too big and that kids are regularly getting lost. Other than the scares of losing a child, the equipment is fun and exciting. The parks and recreation community had decided to increase the size and design these parks to be safe and to have people amused.

Gilbert together has 37 parks and adding more as time goes on. In order to keep people happy the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department will have to add play equipment accessible for everyone. When people are paying high tax dollars for the parks, the standards are high.