Demographics: What do they mean?



There are 3,630 students on campus and not everyone knows each other and the Demographics are statistics relating to population or a group. For example, age, gender, race, occupation, education level, and participants. According to demographic records for the 2019-20 school year, about 25.3 percent of students participate in a sport (920 students are athletes) that is 1 out of every 4 people on campus. Is that a good amount of participation? 

“The 25 percent is Good participation for our school, especially a school our size,” says the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Jenifer Burks. 

She continues to explain that she encourages students to play a sport, whether it is no cut sports or not and there is an announcement that is sent to every family on campus.

1310 take a CTE class. Even though it’s a requirement because you need at least 1 credit of CTE or Fine arts to graduate. “The CTE program offers a lot in the diversity of the programs,” Mr. Brian Bernier said. The best thing and the most beneficial aspect of being part of the CTE programs and moving up is as you move up in a class “students are able to get certification when they complete,” Bernier continues to add. 

For those students who want to apply science, technology, engineering, and math to their everyday lives, STEM is a little more rare and about 261 students which is 7 percent of our student body on campus are in this program. 

There are 762 students that are out of boundary and 653 out of district that enrolled at this school. What draws other students to Perry? Maybe it’s our athletic and sports programs, the CTE classes that are offered, or the music or theater program. 

Whether you play a sport or you have a certain skill or you are artistically talented, you are representing the school and being apart of what this school offers. With this students are also increasing their chances, taking on new opportunities, learning new things and skills that one can apply later in life. 

There is no lie that this school is about 67.3 percent Caucasian but how many are minorities? There are 158 African Americans, 616 Hispanics, 290 Asians, 21 Native Americans, and 9 Pacific Islander and for the people aren’t just one ethnicity but are an ethnicity that wasn’t listed, 94 students. 

Although, these statistics show numbers, it shows the diversity on campus and even though not every single student  knows or communicates with one another, it is interesting to know what culture an individual is surrounded with. Whether that culture is part of the minority or majority. With these numbers one can see the diversity and the different cultures on campus. Many people here that can you teach you new things, and can benefit by listening and learning. Understanding different cultures is a big part of the growth.