Newspaper and Journalism Wins State Awards


At the Fall 2019 AIPA award conference, schools all across Arizona came to ASU for the hearing of the award winning journalism and yearbook staff. Our journalism and yearbook team both gained a new first place plaque in general excellence region.

Other Arizona school’s writing programs came to this conference to learn from teachers and other journalists to progress in their writing skills. Perry in total won 36 awards for their excellent writing. The newspaper won 29 awards for writing, design, cartoons and photography; congratulations goes out to Vivian Duong, Anna Myers, Kenna Cassey, River Bradshaw, Naine Loureiro, Isabel Behrendt, Grant Sands, Holly Olaszak, Aeneas Zobel, Rhaelyn Mehan and Mea Griffen!

This competition being the first yearbook has ever applied to, the yearbook staff was especially proud to take home the first place prize. Yearbook editor, Emma Boragina states, “If felt so amazing, to win an award that we worked so hard on, it was nice to see all of our hard work paid off.” In the end, the yearbook and journalism team were proud to take home the many awards that they won.