GRAPHIC DESIGN: Senior Girls Win Scholarships


Presley Plant

Holly Hames giving a presentation on one of her designs. Later Hames won a graphic design contest on what they plan for the future in the digital arts.

Seniors Holly Hames, Joyce Poon, and Bailee Lewis won the chance to gain a $750 cash scholarships form the Graphic Communications Education Foundation. Students from all over the state have participated in this graphic design contest. They were told to write an essay about their future in the graphic design world. “I worked really hard so it was validating to know that my hard work paid off,” said Hames. Beating the top 36 teams of the state these students are proud to take home the gold.

Winning these cash scholarships will help these girls work towards their graphic design goals. ”I would want to spend the money on a new camera so I could take pictures and videos,” Poon states. The Graphic Communications Education Foundation’s goal is to support students through financial endowments. By helping students progress and grow into better graphic designers, they use these contests to seek out hard working and progressive students in the digital arts, and award them with scholarships.

This recent contest was a chance for students all across the state to show their interests and plans for the future, writing an essay and submitting their ideas for the upcoming graphic design opportunities they want to take. Lewis said, “Someone who is motivated and self driven is what the judges look for.” As these girls work hard on software and everyday projects they progress and create an interest in photography and editing too. Plans for the future consist of hard work in the photography category for these girls. These students had teachers write letters of recommendation about what the future holds for them to show their determination. 

These essays take a lot of time and effort to observe and figure out how graphic design is going to play a role in their lives. Poon said,

I was proud of myself, I was surprised that I won this scholarship. It was an exciting moment.”

— Joyce Poon

” As the Graphic Communications Education Foundation promotes a lifestyle with the graphic technology they continue to create contests to show every aspect in the graphic design community. This foundation instructs young people through their ideas on the digital arts. 

The $750 cash scholarships is well needed help towards their future, Lewis states, “I would want to use this money for my future textbooks to make it easier on myself,” these girls goals for the new graphic technologies impressed the judges giving them the gold to take home.  The scholarships give the girls a sense of gratification and shows them that their hard work and time spent has paid off.