AzMERIT tests return as mandatory freshman tutoring sessions occur

The news everyone was waiting for: AzMERIT tests are back…

Last school year the AzMERIT tests were taken out of the curriculum and got replaced with the ACT tests. Many students were very happy when they heard this because the AzMERIT tests take up a lot of time to complete and prepare for; however with the absence of these tests, there were some slight problems. One of the major problems about the absence of the AzMERIT was how the only measurements made were on the junior class because they are the ones who take the ACT tests. This created a major obstacle because the state had no standards to set for the upcoming school year. The absence of data on the freshman, sophomore, and senior classes would cause enough concern to the state which would end up making them bring the test back. The test is being given state-wide and focuses primarily on writing, math, and reading. In a press conference on September sixth, principal Dan Serrano said, “It is back because they (the state) made it mandatory.” 

Students in the ninth grade got surprised with some extra help when Link Crew implemented a special tutoring session. This mandatory tutoring schedule was for freshmen who failed the first math test got put into a mandatory tutoring session. To boost the spirits of those freshman, the Link Crew team put together a tutoring session for the Algebra 1 students. This tutoring session would help them get a better grade on the next test so that they would have the motivation to continue to do better. The people behind the tutoring did not want the students to give up on the class and their grades so early on in the year. Many of the students left the event having a better understanding of the math lessons that they had previously learned in the beginning of the year.

The success of the mandatory tutoring was outlined when Thomas Rothery, the Math Department Chair, said, “Some students definitely improved their grade.” 

Link Crew member, Giovanni Catanzaro, also said, “It was supposed to help freshmen understand the content better.” For some freshman this first test was a huge slap in the face however, this tutoring session helped build the confidence of many Algebra 1 students. Along with getting help for the math topics, the freshman also met and talked to tutors who they can ask for help in the future. The tutoring session worked as intended and there is a possibility for more to come in the future.