A new change for National Honors Society

National Honors Society is expecting to see new changes in the upcoming school year.

Co-chairman and AP U.S. History teacher Jason Myers is stepping down and retiring from NHS, after seven years.

“I think that Myers is a very wonderful man, he’s got great integrity and he’s a great teacher,” current NHS chairman Kelsey Rowe expresses.

Myers has played an instrumental role in helping with several various jobs, including setting up bylaws and working with students.

“We really focused on putting together a working constitution and bylaws that would kind of give structure to the organization.” Myers explains.

NHS demands a vast amount of time and dedication to ensure its success as an organization. By stepping down from the position, Myers is hoping to pass the torch to Rowe and begin focusing his time towards other activities on campus.

“I feel sad to see him go, but I’m excited to be able to work with NHS on a closer level,” Rowe says.

Currently, Myers is looking to grow the Teenage Republicans club and dedicate his time there, where before he had not been able to expand and grow upon it.

“I’m looking into doing some new things.” Myers explains.  

Myers has previously balanced running NHS and teaching APUSH, so his decision will allow him to seize new opportunities in the near future.

His retirement will also bring in new faces that will help Rowe operate NHS as smoothly as possible.

“Since I’m taking over, I reached out to people that have good relationships with the students,” Rowe explains.

When choosing the new co-chairman, Rowe looked for individuals that she knew had organization and leadership skills the society would benefit from.

Being selected as the new co-chairman, English teacher Victoria Tonnemacher explains, “There’s a lot of things that I’ll be learning about like club officials and what to do.”

Tonnemacher hopes to mentor a growing generation of leaders, and contribute to helping NHS achieve its goals.

Prior to NHS, Tonnemacher has helped run Sparrow Club and is looking forward to working with a new organization dedicated to exhibiting new leadership skills.

NHS has plans for the new inductees and current members to give the new chairman opportunities to develop relationships with students and grow with them throughout the upcoming year.

Throughout the changes within NHS, experienced and first-time members will see new faces. As Myers moves on to a new chapter in his career, a new wave of leaders will be taking his place, in the hopes of creating another successful year.