Graduates looking ahead to future of success


As seniors turn the page to a new chapter of life, the near future is a prospect that will signify a new beginning.
Whether it is travelling the world or getting ready for college, the class of 2019 will be graduating and moving forward in their individual journeys. Principal Dan Serrano says, “I think everyone is looking forward to the next stage in their life.”

With constant questions about future studies and how to achieve new goals, the realities of life after high school spark a new independence that will dictate the direction of each person’s future.

Senior Rain Wiley explains, “I’m looking forward to travelling and starting a new journey away from home!” Wiley will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall. In fact, in a survey conducted of 121 seniors, 89 percent of seniors polled said that they will be attending college after high school.

While the process of making a college decision is daunting, there are a multitude of deciding factors among the conclusion. More importantly, students will be able to pursue their passions.Senior Tanner Love says, “Definitely more music opportunities because I’m going to have a lot more free time to work with people now, as well as, meeting other musicians, but also more opportunities to travel and just try new things altogether.”

Many seniors will be staying in state to pursue a higher education pertaining to their degree; however, others will be moving out-of-state. Whether it is on a scholarship or by choice, the realisms of moving across the states is a bold decision in starting a career.

Not only that, but in a technological era, success can be defined in a multitude of ways. Fellow senior pumas are proving that you don’t need a special degree to build a life of success.
Some will be participating in missions, gap years, trade schools, going into the military, or focusing on finding their passion to pursue.

Despite the worries of change, the class of 2019 is working towards building a future of success, not only in their lives, but also in their careers and the world.