Technology remains prevalent in schools


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Internet access is prevalent and unavoidable in classrooms today. Technology influences how teachers work and interact with students.

“In terms of technology, I think that it’s been highly beneficial and its made my grading a whole lot easier.” English teacher Kimberly Rygiel explains.

With the installation of helpful apps such as and Google Drive, classrooms now experience a more efficient way to work.

“I think it would be highly inefficient to go backwards, I am a big proponent of technology, [and] I encourage my students to use it.” Rygiel says.

Use of this type of technology have aided teachers in catching plagiarism, as it is a growing problem among classrooms.

“That’s the only way NHS communicates is through cell phones and google docs and google sign ups.” NHS co-chair Kelsey Rowe says.

National Honors Society has some technological influence, but stays traditional by delivering paper letters for invitation and acceptance.

“[But] I could also see the applications [changing].” Rowe explains how going through documents and applications online could make the process go faster and help make things environmentally friendly.

“We have increasingly used technology for National Honors Society,” NHS co-chairman Jason Myers claims.“Students are comfortable using [technology] and it is convenient.”

Students know the ground basis on how to work with technology, so it is more efficient to work with and will help progress things more smoothly.

“I do think it does enhance the learning process just because that’s how kids brains are now.” English teacher Penny Snyder says. As society lives in the world of technology, people are use to it and becoming engaged and involved.

Technology has been changing among the years and where innovation among classrooms will continue to change and influence in the future.

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