Students use social platforms to promote passions

Passions are the inspirations that drive the future of success. They push individuals to reach higher and dive deeper.

Social media is becoming a creative outlet for students connect to other creators, promote themselves, and pursue the passions that influence their careers.

As society reverts to technology as a means of functioning, it plays an instrumental role in all aspects of life.

Originally, the newspaper was people’s only source of information for events, celebrity gossip, and tragic stories.

However, since the invention of the telephone, communication has been defined in a new way.

Paving the way for smartphones, digital technology opened the door to social media becoming an access point for virtually anything and everything.

Today, many argue that this interactive multimedia can either be used to flaunt what one has or be a successful business tool.

Regardless, it is becoming a necessity in the business field.

Principal Dan Serrano explains,“That’s just the way you do it now. That’s how you promote yourself.”

These different platforms allow students to build themselves as a brand and work towards their careers early.

“There’s so much opportunity,” senior Savannah Mota explains. “It’s really like a job, and it has to be done right.”

Developing insight on useful tactics allows innovative students to use their influence to make a difference in the real world.

Mota says, “I think really developing a voice and creating a persona behind your social media accounts is important, because people are going to want to follow an account that has a real human behind it.”

Not only that, but it is a creative outlet used to support local creators. It helps students connect with individuals across the playing field to establish new relationships.

Senior Everett Milloy says,“It has definitely helped me a lot with connecting with other photographers.”

In a generation of technology, these interactive mobile apps are being used by fellow Pumas to work towards a future of success.