“I could go without social media, but I couldn’t go without my phone”

Does society have an addiction to their phones?

Technology is taking over in the classroom.

Technology is a major part of society and the generation we are living in. Communication is used worldwide to virtually connect and enable us to perform tasks right at our fingertips.

Along with communication in everyday life between friends and family, phones are used for features such as web-browsers, cameras, clocks/alarms, banking applications, and many more.

However, although some phone uses are found essential to the lifestyle humans live today, social media is also used on cellular devices.

To truly live in society today, is living without social media possible? Is living without a phone possible?

“It captures a lot of moments in your life,” and in the world today, technology is huge, counselor Scott Uyeshiro explained.  

Recently a student in a group discussion said: “I could go without social media, but I couldn’t go without my phone. I need my phone.”

Everyone in the circle agreed.

Based on the opinions of some students, communicating through technology has become essential to the lifestyle and society we live in today.

Do you think you could live without social media, but you cannot live without your phone due to communication devices?

“I could live without social media but I don’t believe I can live without social contact,” junior Kalli Fama states.

She further explained that in the society we live in now, connection between people virtually is considered ideal. A simple text to a long distance friend or a call to a parent in a time of need are valid reasons for needing a phone as a communication device.

On the opposing side, principal Dan Serrano believes living without a phone would not be impossible.

“I think you can live without your phone,” he said. “You need technology with, you know,  everything in banking being done online, [however] you could, you’d be left behind, but I think some people could.”

The lack of communication may not be desired by everyone but think about it, the world and society we live in today is fully dependable and reliant on technology.

Today’s banks and money systems are becoming more and more virtually connected. Instead of cash, millions of people have credit and debit cards that are all linked to their phones and without it reports on stolen cards, money transactions, and easy money access, would not be possible.

“Communication with people, whether it is parents or friends, is instant,” states counselor Uyeshiro.

Communication between friends across the world such as: social media postings, sharing of files/pictures, and typing this very own article, all are reliant on the simple invention of technology.

In today’s world, simple tasks that were not yet possible or were done manually, by hand, or on paper in the past, are done virtually online. Work scheduling, school applications, and money networking are, some would say, essential to a students everyday life.

Social media has been said to be the number one for bullying nowadays in the forms of cyberbullying. Although this may be true, people still continue to participate in apps and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook beyond.

“Basically it has increased cyber bullying,” states counselor Uyeshiro, “Mean tweets or subtweeting cause a lot of stress for kids.”

Even so, people remain to live with and without social media on their cellular device, but living without a phone in all would be a difficult task to successfully achieve based on the way society works nowadays.