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Some teens might consistently hear from their parents the phrase “When I was your age I was….” followed by a task that now has been deemed quick and easy due to how technology has evolved. Nonetheless, students must take a step back and remember the days of their teachers using huge projectors with different clear slides in order to do simple tasks, such as take notes. Today, majority of teens have grown up with technology, but have also watched it grow tremendously. Everyday workplaces use it and if you are good enough at understanding it, you can make it into a career. CTE classes main goal is to give students an outlet in a school environment to turn their passion into a suitable lifestyle for themselves. CTE classes are practically always getting better as they use up to date technology in order to keep up with the times. These classes are extremely advanced and keep up with student’s presence in the technological field. CTE utilizes today’s technology and works with it instead of making it unavailable to students they recognize and embed it into curriculum that will actually be used in their future. This creates a more successful path and if students decide to extend what they have learned in CTE they will be prepared for the real world.


What CTE class do you teach?

Multi-Media and Film and Digital Photography

How long have you been teaching it?

15 years.

What is a specific use of technology that you use frequently with students? How does it work and what is it used for to assist with the curriculum?

Anything from digital cameras, Adobe Creative Suite Software to our Tricaster digital broadcasting platform, students are immersed in technology every day they step into the classroom. The technology is in lock step with our state CTE standards and curriculum which actually lists required equipment to run our program.


What have you noticed over the years as classrooms develop with technology? When I started

teaching everything was shot to tapes and then had to be transferred to the computer to convert it to a digital format. It was also standard definition and the quality of the footage was poor.

Today we shoot some things in 4k and the computers are much faster in processing the files.

Today’s tech is able to handle so much more information and the time spent converting files and

exporting projects is minimal by comparison to just a decade ago.


What CTE class do you teach?

I teach AP Computer Science Principles, Software Engineering, and AP Computer Science A

How long have you been teaching it?

This is my third year teaching these courses.

What have you noticed over the years as classrooms develop with technology?

I’ve noticed that other classes do not have as easy access to technology, so students are still

carrying around a bunch of paper.

In my classes, specifically, I have noticed that, though we assume that students have “grown up

with technology,” there are many gaps still in their knowledge. Every year I spend time teaching

how to access files on the computer, how to share them with others, and how to perform other

basic computer operations.

In what ways do you positively utilize technology in the classroom?

My classes are about computer programming, so nearly every assignment is technology based.

Students learn not just how to use technology, but how to develop their own solutions to real-

world problems using their

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