‘Tis the season to give back

Puma tradition is decking the halls this holiday season


Leilanie Rios

At StuGo's Smiles for the Season, kids are amused by performances from the Moveo Dance Company and Jazz choir to kick-off their day.

As students begin to deck the halls with the sound of Christmas in the air, many can look to their communities this holiday season.

Perry is spreading Christmas cheer by giving back to its community. With clubs on campus partnering with charities alike, students are raising money and accepting donations to benefit their cause.

Senior Aidan George explains, “We’re made up of our community and we’re only as good as our community, so it’s good to give back to just show how much we care.”

While the countdown to Christmas begins and festivities multiply, community outreach is shaping the Puma Nation.

School-wide involvement has increased over the years, making each year a new experience to learn and grow from.

With the rising number of clubs on campus, students are being given greater options to participate in community events.

Assistant principal for activities, Kevin Ames says, “We don’t have to direct students to get involved with stuff, they kind of do it on their own.”

From the Emery Bear Drive to Smiles for the Season and Adopt-a-Family, there are numerous ways that clubs, athletics, and classes are committing to the gift-giving season.

Many football players and athletic teams will be participating in “shop with the jock,” where less-fortunate children get the opportunity to spend a day with an athlete and go shopping with them.

In turn, DECA and other classes will participate in “Letters to Santa.” Being an event the Macy’s hosts, for every letter received one dollar will be donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

DECA is also working to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, throughout the year with events they host. They will also be participating in Adopt-a-Family, along with many other classes and clubs.

Smiles for the Season continues to remain a positive experience for students on campus. By connecting with children from the community, this event shows that giving back is about setting an example to lead by.

These events on and off campus give Pumas the opportunity to see their world in a different light. Students learn from experience, rather than books when it comes to community outreach. This aids many in developing beyond the classroom, giving them tools and knowledge to use in the real world.

Ames explains, “We’re a good role model for the other schools,” he goes on to state, “We’re also a good example for the younger kids as well, the elementaries that are involved with us.”

Each of these activities are a symbol of Perry’s history and influence how students impact the world around them. Students are continuing to lead by example and setting the bar for other schools to follow.

By bringing tradition and the Christmas spirit to those who need it most, it shows how important giving back is to people within our communities.

DECA adviser and teacher Rob Lange expresses, “I think being a part and you know giving back and helping others is what life’s truly about or at least part of it.”

Students can expect community service to remain a key aspect of Perry’s holiday tradition as the season continues on its merry way.