Multi purpose field unplayable, leaving athletes without a field

Football, soccer, band and baseball struggle with practice field


Crista Ramos

Girls soccer having practice on the multi-purpose field despite the poor condition

All soccer, freshman football, and junior varsity baseball players are without a field. The multi-purpose field, located across from the seminary building, is unplayable. Dead grass filled with patches and unstable soft spots, prevents athletes from playing to their full capability, and puts them more at risk for injury.

Before PHS was built, a dairy farm stood in its place. In order to replace a farm with a school, thousands of dollars in fertilizer, dirt, sand, and grass had to be purchased and played down.

“Here is the problem with that field: this used to be a dairy, and the last couple years, I don’t care what we do, the grass out there dies because there is something with the soil, the chemicals in it; we have tried everything,” principal  Dan Serrano explains.

Due to a soft foundation, the field’s surface is falling apart. Coaches and students are concerned for the field’s condition. Girls’ soccer coach, John Roberts has grown a major concern for the field.

“It is trash,” coach Roberts laughed at the name alone.

A new turf field seems to be the one believed solution.

“Well as many activities and sports as we have and as many kids as we have at the school, I would hope they would get a turf field to where it can be used on a daily basis,” Robert states, “It would be nice for them to put in a field that can be used all the time without the issue of players getting hurt.”

With the field in poor condition, players are at risk for injury and can not play to the best of their ability. In fact, injuries have already occurred due to the field.

“It negatively impacts injuries, we’ve had several injuries. Also, it is not a true surface so what you practice on isn’t what you play on, so we cannot do our set pieces correctly,” coach Roberts states.

The field’s condition is setting the athletes back. Although the process and cost of a repair like this may be costly, it has the safety of the students involved. In the previous renovations made on the field, a great amount of money was spent on re-laying the ground.

“All that money is gone,” Robert states.

Spending money on a temporary fix is not going to fix it forever. Sand and grass is not a surface in which athletes can safely play on due to the soft foundation.

“If they could put a turf out there that would be awesome… we could use that all the time,” coach Roberts claims.

He is fighting for a turf field for his athletes so they can improve in their play and remain healthy. Serrano is aware if this problem as well and ensures that it is a, “work in progress.”

The multi-purpose field is falling apart. New turf would benefit all the athletes in their playing time, playing habits, and prevention of injuries. Authority figures are aware of this problem and acknowledge that something is happening regarding the issue very soon.