Anatomy Teacher Advocates for a Chair Overhaul

Class F403 has ordered new stools to break the fall of fainting students


Snigdha Gopidi

Mrs. Kennedy goes over a demonstration with a few of her students

Stools with backings have been ordered for this classroom but it is NOT for aesthetic purposes or decorum, instead it is in regards to fainting students.

Human biology, soon to be renamed human anatomy and physiology, is becoming more than acquainted with fainting students.

“In 18 years I’ve only had one or two people pass out, since I’ve been to Perry … I have now had four people pass out and three close calls,” Nicole Kennedy said, Perry’s one and only human biology teacher for these past two years.

The school year has not seen first semester to its completion, yet in the first quarter alone three students have fainted in class with two close calls. Ironically her teaching material had not been changed whatsoever, raising her fear of future accidents.

Mrs. Kennedy stated she “Wouldn’t say gory as a word for this class. We study the human body,” with studying the human body comes dissection the most grotesque part of human bio. However the teacher and students alike do not believe the examination of furry friends is anything that is worth passing out over. This being the case, many of the students who enroll into the class look forward to performing the dissections of cats, and possibly rabbits, as well as seeing human cadavers. So it seems odd for students who are seemingly unfazed by what they signed up for, to faint right? Indeed, especially since Mrs. Kennedy has said that no students have seemed to faint because they were disturbed by the content.

In fact several students believe that those who have fainted passed out for reasons not concerning the class. Juniors Michael DeMatteo and Paige Luedtke, two faintees, have confirmed that they themselves did not feel light headed or blacked out due to anything being taught in class. Luedtke explained her collapse had nothing to with the curriculum and that it was the excruciating pain she had which triggered her blackout. DeMatteo said “All of a sudden I was feeling kinda sick throughout the class,” prefaced with an account of how his day started off with no breakfast and little to no water.

However, be that as it may seem coincidental, there have been too many accidents for Mrs.Kennedy’s liking and she ultimately decided to take action in any way possible to avoid having to see the paramedics again. She sent a request for new stools that can help prevent students from falling hard on the ground when they blackout. Serrano has come through and said “We are looking to ordering stools with backings.”

The expansive new stools would hopefully save students from concussions and a more than 500-dollar ambulance ride to Mercy Gilbert. Drink water pumas.