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Three Generations of Thorntons

PHS is the home to members of the Thornton family

Thornton family poses for the camera in Christine Thornton's room. Carly and Katie are seen along side their father.

Leilanie Rios

Thornton family poses for the camera in Christine Thornton's room. Carly and Katie are seen along side their father.


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Many students on campus share the halls with their siblings; however, not many get to share the halls with their siblings, parents, and grandparents! Three generations of Thorntons are at Perry this school year.

Mr.Thornton can be spotted in the upstairs C-building, where he teaches economics. Here, his daughters, Katie and Carly, pursue their high school careers.

Lastly, Mrs.Thornton is experiencing a whole new light of the medical-field, as a first-year teacher for the Medical Professions class.  

As this is Mrs.Thornton’s first year teaching, her son, Trent Thornton was able to show her the ropes through his teaching experience.

Mr. Thornton explains, “End of summer I made sure to help her out, run around to make her copies, and just really make sure she knew what to do and how to run everything.”

Mrs.Thornton has been in the Medical Field for 42-years and was given this opportunity to teach at Perry, because of her grand daughter Carly.

Carly explained how her medpro class was in need of an RN to take over for the upcoming school year.

“If it weren’t for her I would have retired in August,” Mrs. Thornton says.

Being in her grandmother’s class, Carly expresses, “Me and my sister saw her probably around three times a month which I count as pretty often, but now I get to see her everyday, it’s kinda cool having her teach me.”

As she takes on the role as a first-year teacher, she is using her years of experience to assist students in their own paths.


Q: How many years did you nurse?

A:  42 years, It started off in New Hampshire: where I got my Certified Nursing License, and then received my LPN in 1976, and in the 90’s I received my associates degree, and a short time ago I received my Bachelors of Science through GCU.

Q: With all of these great experiences why start teaching?

A: I actually was supposed to retire in the beginning of August, but my grand-daughter came to me and said, “Grandma we need an RN to take over our class because we don’t have an instructor for our medical professions class”

and I said “But I am not a teacher I don’t have a teaching certificate I teach patients and families but I have never taught students in a formal setting.”

and she said “Nana, just try and apply.”

So, I applied and they took into consideration my 42 years of experience and gave me a temporary Certificate of Teaching that I have to acquire within the next three years; and then they will acknowledge me as a teacher.

Q:So what made you want to start nursing?

A: Oh, I always wanted to be a nurse even as a young girl way back.

Q: So it was one of those things when you were little that you dreamt of?

A: Yeah it started in childhood, but I had an experience and ended up in the emergency room and the nurses were so exceptionally nice to me. And, I thought “One day I’m going to grow up and be a nurse.”


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Three Generations of Thorntons