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Construction plans anticipate “new C-building”


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The population of the school has experienced exponential growth since the doors opened back in the year 2007. Classes are reaching up to about 30 students in each period currently and teachers have become severely outnumbered.

Plans on campus expansion have already broken ground for a new C-building. Similar to the attachment of the F-building, or “new F”, the building will add new space overall.  According to Principal Dan Serrano, Perry is the largest open enrollment school in the Chandler Unified School District and capacity has been a challenge over the years, especially with the far reaching boundaries.

“There’s a lot of stuff coming because we’re at max capacity,” Serrano said, “We’re building 24 classrooms off the C-building, and this school year we’re going to build a new locker room.”

With the new building, the hope is to create a new counseling conference room and to also resolve the  issues of congested hallways and lack of space within the upcoming year.

In truth, the ones most affected are the teachers. There are at least seven traveling teachers, according to Serrano, that must move from class to class all day, everyday.

“It’s hard for a teacher to travel, there’s just no home for them,” Serrano said.

Traveling teachers do not have personal classrooms but small carts to push around from room to room.

English teacher Shelley Lee has been with the faculty for only a short time and has to deal with the struggles of constantly moving rooms.

“It [traveling] requires a lot of time management and planning….I’ve only been at Perry for two years and….it [traveling] works in terms of seniority pretty much,” Lee said.

For Lee, the hardest problem is “logging in and out of computers all day.” Although a huge inconvenience, computer access is a key tool to teach students, but it takes away time for special instruction. With the on-campus development, there are still questions about the future of the student body numbers that hang in the air.

“I think students should always go to school wherever they want to go for whatever reasons- for athletics or academics- and it’s just doing a disservice to one child for their education,” Lee said, “But then again where do you put the cut off because you educate 45 kids in one class so how is that even possible?”

The year holds many exciting projects that is expected to benefit teachers greatly. Though the future is still unsure, the campus is eager to improving the environment for both the staff and students.

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The student voice of Perry High School
Construction plans anticipate “new C-building”