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Race to graduation; Lift Lab aids students in completing courses

Students work diligently to complete their classes.

Students work diligently to complete their classes.

Kayla Gee

Kayla Gee

Students work diligently to complete their classes.


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As the clock ticks and the students countdown the days to graduation, some are spending their time putting in the extra work to make sure that they can graduate on time. Whether it was because of failing classes or not enough credit hours completed, students are sprinting to get these classes completed so they can walk across the stage.

For those who are unsure, Lift lab is a class available throughout the day and after school for students who need to retake or finish courses online. A great tool provided by Perry that has saved many seniors, as well as underclassmen with hopes to boost GPAs or graduate early themselves.

“Lift lab is an online curriculum,” Assistant principal Heather Patterson said, “We house our own bank here in a classroom on our own server. So the kids can come in, whether you are credit deficient, grade replacement, or you transfer in and you don’t have a class that you need for graduation.”

This class makes it easy and accessible for students to come in somewhere and makeup in credits that are insufficient.

But now more than ever these classes are being packed to the brim to make sure all of the eligible students can fix those last credits holding them back. Students have the option to take this class every period as well as after school, and now because deadlines to finish these classes are creeping up, on the weekends as well.

Perry has always done well on making sure students are able to graduate.

“We have the highest graduation rate of any chandler school, we push 96-97 percent,” Joe Greene the assistant principal for curriculum. Perry’s Faculty makes sure to prioritize resources to aid students the best they can so as many seniors can talk across the stage as possible.

Available through periods zero to seven and even for extended times after school and on the weekends, Perry’s staff is putting the resources together to make sure students can graduate.

With well over 100 students in a lift lab class, the class holds real value at Perry. “It’s a privilege to have it because online classes are expensive,” Senior Angie Hoffmann said, “so to be able to take it in lift lab for free has really been nice and helped me graduate.”

With all the benefits that this class provides for students, lift lab has become a great resource for students who need that little extra help.

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Race to graduation; Lift Lab aids students in completing courses