Puma Pals have Field Day, proves success

For the first time since the founding of the club, Puma Pals hosted a field day for all of the students involved in the club. They also invited some of the athletes on campus to join in on the festivities and get to know the students that are apart of the club. Junior VP of the club, Alex Rice, said they “planned out what games the kids would be able to play and have fun playing. In Puma Pals we like to give the kids a chance to interact with students outside of the club.”

The athletes that went to the field day were from the Perry boy’s and girl’s basketball teams. Junior Bauer Bongard said, “It was fun to interact with everyone, and I felt everyone had a good time,” he continued, “it made us feel good and I hope it made them feel good too.” The athletes and members of the club participated in activities like basketball, soccer, giant jenga, giant yahtzee, bowling, and face painting.

Sophomore Loryn Harper, a member of the girl’s basketball team, said that the experience made her “think of them differently, they are all very intelligent and smart and this definitely changed my point of view on them.”

Both the athletes and the club members had a good time, and the athletes learned that the students that they thought were different, were very much like them.

Junior Vice President of the club, Alex Rice, helped to organize the event and said, “Puma Pals hopes to continue to do field days yearly.” This year the event was thrown together at the last minute, but they hope to clean it up and make it more organized in the future years.