Individuals place at speech Winter Trophy competition

Students of speech and debate showed off their skills in performing during the Winter Trophy competition at Arizona State University. Schools of the division one throughout the state battled in 21 different events that tested the adaptability of students.

Senior Vice President Maggie Bauman made third in duo interpretation. Bauman, alongside senior partner Victoria Cannizarro, performed a comical duo interpretation called “Bad Ideas For Bad T.V. Shows”.  

“Duo interpretation is one of the oddest events for someone who doesn’t do speech and debate to watch,” Bauman said, “It’s a two person acting event but you can’t look at each other or touch each other.”

Bauman and her partner, having placed in duo acting for nationals last year, were challenged by duo interpretation and the next level of competition it brought.

“In order to do well in a two person event, you have to have really good chemistry with them and [Cannizarro] one of my best friends in the whole world,” Bauman said.

Flying through her preliminaries with first place in all three of her rounds, senior Courtney Deaver competed in the category of informative speech. In this ten minute time slot Deaver and other competitors delivered a non-fiction speech.

“I did mine on feminine products and the economic effects and the health implications because they don’t disclose the ingredients inside of them,” Deaver explained,“I talk about period shaming and how our society isn’t very accepting on menstruation.”

Deaver’s piece impressed the judges and took the win for third place in the category. Ranking in  D1 is daunting as the speech and debate program is fairly new and there are “the best of the best [schools]”, Deaver said.

For speech and debate as a whole, the Winter Trophy revealed the talent of different students after hours of hard work.