Unified sports continues success in soccer

Shelby Hubbard
The unified soccer team takes the field in preparation for their game

Unified sports is kicking off their soccer season with success. And with a few new athletes that are contributing to their team overall. So far the team has tied twice and lost once, starting off the season strong.

The new players are learning the new skills very well and the practices are helping them improve the way they play. Senior Megan Colborn said, “we have new players, and some of the old players left, we also have some really strong athletes.”

They are having a great season so far, only losing one game out of four total. The unified team takes their competition as seriously as the football team takes theirs.

Senior Ashlee Colborn said, “the dynamic has changed since last year and every sport is different and different kids play each sport.”

The members of unified sports get the chance to interact with new kids in each sport, not everyone competes in the same sports. The kids are given the opportunity to pursue whatever sport that they enjoy most.

Megan also said, “we practice at least once a week, and work on skills like dribbling and shooting, also scrimmaging so they have a chance to play each other, not just other teams.”

The competition is great this year and they take the sports very seriously, practicing every week and improving their skills as much as they can.

Senior Issac Thompson said, “we have new rules and better rules to improve player safety.” Thompson also said, “these are kids that don’t really come from an athletic background, so it’s been nice to be able to help them with that.”

The team played against Florence on Tues. Dec. 5 and swept the Gophers to add yet another victory to their list of accomplishments.

The Unified Sports program gives students the opportunity to play in sports that they normally wouldn’t get to play in, and helps them build life skills while having fun.