Winter Fest and dance

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Winter Fest and dance


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Winter Fest this year is a new and fun experiment for the Perry StuGo team. The festival is Dec. 8-9 and the performances start at 7 pm and end at 9 pm.

The orchestra, choir, and dance groups are all performing on stage to create a wonderful night to remember. They will be performing many winter holiday classics such as Jingle Bells and White Christmas. The performances will be located in the PHS auditorium.

Jasmine Davis-Pinn, a junior in the Advanced Women’s Choir, says that, “Concert and Jazz Choir will be performing inside while [Advanced Women’s Choir] will be performing outside.”

Even better, there will be food and lots of it. Booster sales will be showcasing lots of tasty food and drinks for the audience to enjoy such as: cookies, hot chocolate, Harkins movie cups, and so much more.

The tickets are $7 at the door, however there is a new thoughtful twist to the ticket prices; if you would like to, you can donate two cans of nonperishable food and in return you will only have to pay $5. So you can enjoy the performances and know that someone in need is receiving food for their family for the winter holidays.

This year, instead of having two formal dances and one casual dance respectively: homecoming,  prom, and morp, we will be hosting three formals and one casual: homecoming, winter formal, prom, and morp. The dance, however, is semi-formal, so dress formally but casually. The theme for the dance will be disclosed on Friday the 28th by StuGo and they have assured us that the theme is going to be great.

Cody Soelberg, the Parliamentarian for StuGo, says that, “I’m glad I was able to bring into play my campaign promise. The dance gives students the opportunity to engage in dance activities.”

The festival is being put on to help raise money for the Fine Arts departments so they can do fun things and compete nationally. It is also being put on to help the less-fortunate who do not have the money to buy food for the holidays. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Come out and support the Fine Arts department on Dec. 8-9 for Winter Fest.

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