Pumas welcome fresh face to Pom and Cheer team


Lauren Nielsen

Perry’s mascots side by side at the start of the new school year.

Students attending the homecoming assembly are in for a surprise.

Sidelines for home football games are currently roamed by the PHS mascot – Pouncer the Puma; and the pom team is excited to unveil Pouncer’s new partner.

The twist this time: a female puma. Now, Pouncer may have trouble competing over the spotlight.

The school will be one of the only high schools with both a male and female mascot. Many now ask, what does this mean for the students?

“We’re really hoping that it inspires our students to get more involved,” assistant pom coach Alessandra Barth explained. She said that pom hopes to see more students come to sporting events and “have something to get them excited and pumped up at all the games.”

It is known that football games are a highlight of the summer and fall seasons. Just imagine those Friday night lights with twice the fun and spirit.

Pouncer and his gal pal will be easily distinguishable according to Barth who revealed, “She’s got the bow and the big eyelashes and a little outfit.”

Pom’s overall goal for creating the female puma is to gain support and spirit from the entire school. Junior pommie Shaelon Salas commented, “What I am most excited about for the new mascot is that hopefully it will get the crowd more excited and involved and maybe start a new trend for all of the other high schools.”

The mascot was revealed on Sept. 2 during the assembly, meaning that school spirit is at an all time high. However, her name is still pending. Pom hopes to receive suggestions for name possibilities from students, preferably starting with a ‘P.’

Head pom coach and female mascot coordinator Tenneal Howard suggested, “I think Pepper would be so cute, but ultimately we will let the students at Perry decide the name.”

The female will most likely make appearances at assemblies, homecoming carnivals, and other important school events.

“I love school spirit and anything that might bring more of it! Adding a female Puma will just add to our already great culture here at Perry.” Howard said.

Two mascots at one school make for an abundance of school spirit. Hopefully, Pouncer’s new friend encourages students to take part in more school activities, and become pumped for the upcoming football season.