Speech and Debate gains first major win ever

With the riveting anticipation for crafting an argument or participating in speech events, many feel an adrenaline rush with every word. From Nov. 20 to Nov. 21, 38 schools from across the state attended the Dobson Invitational at Dobson High School to participate in verbal fisticuffsl. Dozens of the top debaters and speech events came together to vie for the final rounds.

Perry’s Speech and Debate competed amongst other top schools such as Hamilton and Desert Vista. Many teams broke meaning that they proceeded to semi final and final rounds. The results included two of the Public Forum Teams breaking to finals. Also, Lincoln-Douglass’ entry was met by breaking to semi-finals and winning second place overall. For speech events, junior Cindy Ha broke to semi-finals for oratory and sophomore Victoria Cannizzaro for poetry interpretation as well.

“Even though it doesn’t seem fun at first, doing speeches in front of people for ten minutes, and spending sixteen hour days at school [is worth it]. The rush that you get from debate there is nothing quite like it,” expressed Cindy Ha when she reflected on her win.

On the evening of Nov. 21, the team found that they had in fact made history for Perry; the school had their first major win. This gave the school a distinguishment among the schools which competed their for superiority, and ultimately granting success.  

One of the students who broke to the Public Forum finals was sophomore Hunter Privett. He said about the anticipation for breaking to the finals, “hearing that we were moving on, as each time it was a new pleasant surprise and happy moment.”

Speech and debate coach Tracy Weaver states the lasting impact of the win, “I think this gave kids something to really fight for. That they know now they can accomplish something as a team, and I saw them come together.”