John Wrenn Stadium’s field now up to par


Emma Fernandez

The yard lines and numbers on the field were painted on Aug. 20.

Aja Diffin, Staff Reporter

Football players and onlookers can now safely say that the grass is truly greener on Perry’s home turf, courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals and Walmart who funded the removal and replacement of John Wrenn Stadium’s field.

Each year the Cardinals and Walmart team up to provide two Arizona schools with new, high quality football fields. Along with Mountain Pointe High School, Perry was chosen for the chance to receive a fresh turf. In addition to the over 57,600 square feet of turf, Perry also received the specific lawnmower needed to maintain the quality of the revitalized field.

“[Altogether] it’s a $200,000 gift that we got from the Cardinals and Walmart,” Principal Dan Serrano explains.

The process began on June 1 when crews came in to remove the original field which was built on the desert floor. They leveled the ground and layered sand beneath new sod, similar to the way professional football, soccer and baseball fields are constructed.

The sod was placed during the first week in July with a dark green sports turf known as Tifway 419 Bermuda, or T-419. The new turf is among the most popular sods of its kind among sports fields, and it is also prominent in golf courses in the area.

“It’s what the Arizona Cardinals play on, and the Diamondbacks; it’s a nice grass,” Serrano states.

Before the first football game of the season on Friday, Aug. 21, fans witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony and a dedication from Arizona Cardinals players, mascot Big Red, cheerleaders, and Walmart representatives.

“Our school is beautiful, our facilities are beautiful, and our grass has always been a little bit behind,” varsity football head coach Preston Jones says, “so we’re excited to get a nice field.”

The football team is looking forward to playing their home games on this new grass, and hoping the fresh, vibrant field will skyrocket morale.

“We’ve got support from the Arizona Cardinals, and that’s the NFL team for our area, so it definitely boosted my morale,” senior varsity tight end Jackson O’Hare shares after his 80 yard touchdown run on the new field.

The first varsity game of the season brought in a 35-7 win for Perry, and both players and fans are hoping there will be many more wins to come on this brand new field.