Preparation for May AP testing begins


Paige Coakley

Students review and exemplar test in an AP English class. This is only part of the fill preparations made for the AP test in spring.

With Advanced Placement (AP) tests right around the corner, students must decide which tests to take and begin studying. An AP test distinguishes whether or not a course taken in high school will count as college credit.

In some cases, students may be unsure if the test is worth taking. According to AP English teacher Cindy Pino, students should take the AP test along with the class. AP credit will transfer to most out of state colleges, eliminating some college credits that may be required while in college.

Despite earning college credit early, some students opt out of taking the test. One reason is dual credit, this is a simpler and more reliable way to get college credits in high school, but is not accepted at all out-of-state universities.

“Contact the undergraduate admissions office of the out-of-state school and find out before you register for dual credit,” explained career center counselor Pat Phillips.

With AP tests approaching, students are asking what they can do to face these challenging tests.

“The test’s difficulty depends on the students strengths,” Dan Serrano explained.

With students being stronger in different subjects, it is vital to study for their tests in their weaker subject.

“The best way to prepare for an AP test is to take the class seriously and have a big study for the test before,” said Serrano.

Taking the class is one of the best ways to study for the test, staying on top of your work and having full attention in class can put you ahead in the tests.

“The hardest thing is endurance [for the AP tests],” Pino explained.

Each exam has a multiple choice section (with one hour to complete) followed up by a free response section, typically essays or short answers (with 2 hours to complete). In Pino’s class they proceed in every class with their mindset on the up upcoming test. Some classes, however,  do not incorporate this technique in their classes

“There is no way to study for this test in English,” Pino said.

Some tests, such as the english test, does not have a way to study; paying attention in class is truly the best way to pass the exam.

Other classes may require many hours of studying and preparation before the actual day. The tests will take place off campus and students will not be marked absent if they attend those days.