The Precedent

Senior Lukas Aldrich sorts his chips in preparation for a game of roulette in his AP Statistics class taught by Thomas Rothery.

AP testing, what’s next?

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

After spending the entire year studying for the AP test, students have begun to wonder, what comes next? Teachers across campus have projects following the test in order to keep the curriculum going despite...

Students preparing for school activities striving for perfection. Many teenagers fear failure thus creating unobtainable standards.

Overachieving in sight of teenagers

Presley Plant, Managing Editor November 2, 2021

As the weather starts to get colder and Halloween candy is more accessible, the topic of fears has been discussed. More and more irrational fears are starting to become “rational” including the fear...

Freshman waiting to take their AP World History exam. For many, this is the first AP test they will ever take.

STEM students should not be required to take AP tests

Lindsey Harrison, A&E Editor May 14, 2021

It’s eight AM, students have been excused from their classes, and they’re all crowded in the gym hallway. There’s an excitement in the air, but they’re not happy. They’re about to take an Advance...

AP tests needs to be in-person

AP tests needs to be in-person

Dayton Jones, Sports editor February 26, 2021

An AP test in any class can, for some students, be the reason they took that class in the first place. If they are not given all tools to help them succeed that entire class could be wasted. Over the course...

Taking the SAT comes with heavy prices, the Kaplan SAT book itself costs over 80 dollars, while the test costs 52 dollars (68 with essay). There are various other factors that come to play, like test stress and the years that you build up your high school resume. All of these represent how the SAT should not be the determining factor on whether or not a student gets into college.

SAT should not be deciding factor for colleges

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief September 21, 2020

As students grow older and reach the last two years of their high school career, there is a standardized test that never fails to incite an unhealthy amount of stress into their routine: the SAT.  According...

There are a variety of resources available for AP test practice, the youtube channel Advanced Placement, AP books, and practice assignments assigned by teachers.

How to prepare for upcoming AP tests

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2020

It is that time of the year again where students in AP classes experience what they have been working towards for the entirety of the two semesters: AP tests. The deciding factor of whether or not the...

Infinite Campus where grades are now being inputted can only raise grades.

Teachers’ thoughts on new grading system

Vivian Duong, A&E Editor April 19, 2020

With the continuation of online schooling, the Chandler Unified School District has set a guideline as to how the rest of the school year will follow concerning how the grading system will continue. The...

AP Exams: A complete synopsis

Breanna Latt, Staff Reporter April 22, 2016

Many students make the decision to take one, or more, Advanced Placement classes. Students put in an immense amount of work; therefore, it is essential for students to score high on these exams. Chemistry...

Shin observes the view from his grandparents house in South Korea. Shin has been in Korea since the beginning of fall break, and was unable to return home due to problems with his travel documents. He is expected to return home at the start of the second semester.

Stranded in a South Korea

Molly Ogden, Staff Reporter November 6, 2015

Three months of no responsibilities would seem like three months of heaven on earth to most people. For junior Daniel Shin, the next few months looks more like a three month sentence than a three month...

Fall testing too early

Fall testing too early

Dayna Miller, Opinions Editor September 18, 2014

Perry High School juniors brace themselves for the plethora of college admission essays, scholarship applications, and standardized tests and preparation; Not to mention students still need to balance...

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